Zwig Large Jungle Green indestructible dog toy great to play fetch copies a branch

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A dog toy that acts like a stick. For thousands of years dogs have used sticks to play with and this dog toy copies it very well. West paw and doggie parents collaborate selling this way above average toy!

It is sad but as dog get older they start losing their teeth and their teeth also start hurting but these balls are hollow and light and give a lot more flexibility. The flexible dog toy is made in the USA. It is made from our zoogle flex material but is hollow allowing dogs with no or hurting teeth to use with ease.

 Lightweight and hollow, these toys will stand up to persistent puppy chewing, in fact, the consistent springiness is a more satisfying chew than household items. Indestructible dog toy.

These toys will help your puppies to teeth as their adult teeth come in they will start chewing more and these toys should keep their interest. We don't want them to chew up your house


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