Precision Care Wire Dog Cage 2 Door 24X18X19 Small - Dog Cages

Precision care wire dog cage 2 door 24X18X19 small

  • $39.94

The benefits include easy to potty train, give your dog children a safe place(for the time when they just have to take a break)

The majority of customers buy these folding cages or wire dog cage due to their ease to use. Easy to unfold with 2 cage doors. For small dogs up to 25 lbs such as beagles. We recommend dog beds, cozys, dog blankets to make your dog more comfortable when they want to take a rest from all the playing they engage. 

Wire dog cages are good for dogs. Everybody needs some alone time and that includes your pet.

Yes, a wire dog cage is good for your dog child. Customers rate this at 4.5 out of 5 stars and do a fine job keeping your dog safe. We recommend putting a "Cozy" in with them see cozys under the collection called cozys on this website.

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