Precision Care Crate 2 Door 18X12X14 Wire Dog Cage - Dog Cages

Here’s a Quick Way to Potty Train dogs in three days using a precision dog cage.

  • $37.00

In order to quickly potty train, your dog is much easier than you thought. 

1st thing in the morning take your dog out of his/her training cage. Walk them for 20 minutes or until they have done their business. When you come back in put the dog back in the cage for 40 minutes and after the 40 minutes are over take your dog back outside for 20 minutes. Repeat this training for the remaining of the day. When the day is over you can place your dog back in the cage or let them sleep with you or by you. The very first thing you do next is crucial to take your dog for a 20-minute walk right away before you do anything else. You will have a fully potty trained dog in 3 days. 

A wire dog cage is good for dogs. It gives them a place of safety and peace. You will often find even after potty training that your dog will go into the cage his/her own self. I recommend not locking the door after potty training is complete. 

Yes, a wire dog cage is good for your dog child. The benefits include easy to potty train, give your dog children a safe place(for the time when they just have to take a break) We recommend putting a "Cozy" in with them.

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