Warm Dog Blanket Cozy Light Blue - Dog Blankets

Warm dog blanket Cozy light blue

  • $92.50

Buy now. This Warm dog blanket Cozy is just what your dog child needs to stay warm. Especially for tiny dogs and arthritic dogs.

A cozy blanket is a means for a comfortable place to snuggle in and dig into until the blanket position is just right. The furbabies love to maneuver with their paws to adjust the blanket they also use their head as if burying a bone.

These blankets are more than just mere blankets, they are a 3 in 1 product. #1 a cozy, #2 a blanket and #3 a double blanket to share! made from super soft material and is a great gift for your dog as you say them snuggling into the blanket to sleep.

wash in cold water lay flat to dry.

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