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This Jive ball is made in Bozman Montana and aqua balls toy is one of the best made in the whole world because of its strength and incredible quality. This tough dog toy has earned this high distinction of being unique, tough, and fun. The only toy that can beat it would be something like the size of a Horseball and even those get chewed on and leave hard "thorns" on them. This  Jive toy is good to play fetch and can be used with any type of ball thrower!

Jive dog ball is rated 5 out 5 and reigns as one of our products that have earned the title indestructible dog ball largeSmall dogs or puppies also like this toy and we have indestructible dog toys. No matter the size, your dog child will be 100 % satisfied playing fetch. These are absolutely the Toughest dog balls made and are made in the USA. Made from Zoogleflex is very durable in fact it is nearly indestructible.

 Jive dog ball is rated 5 out 5 and reigns as our indestructible dog ball toys, for dogs that chew extra hard and are best for aggressive and destructive dogs. If you have a particularly tough and destructive chewer the very toughest dog toy we have is tux found here. We dare your dog to beat it!

Stop wasting money on cheap toys usually made in Asian countries that contain toxic ingredients and are bad for your dog. The Jive ball is a regular size ball and not the size of a horse ball. Most dog lovers spend a whole lot more than 100.00 dollars a year on average on dog toys. The toys they buy are cheap and usually torn apart in minutes. You can buy West Paw Jive dog balls from 8.95 to 15.95 for the large size.  

Buy better lasting dog ball toys from this website, Jive balls are nearly indestructible dog toys. Buy one Jive ball and it will last quite a long time. Our very toughest dog toy has been known to last years saving you a ton of money. indestructible dog ball toys are very durable however supervise your dog till you are comfortable with your dog and the toy. 

If your dog does happen to rip this toy apart we will refund or replace your dog toy 1 time with our "love it guarantee" Just email a picture to ray@dogparentsonline.com and your phone number and tell me if you want a refund or replacement. Indestructible dog toys large  

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