High quality dog food Honest Kitchen grain free with vegetables

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Get your dog quality ingredients healthy food for them. Experience the best of two Worlds. You will love home cooking for them and making sure they get all the vitamins and minerals using this great dehydrated food base mix for them.

  How to make the most delicious honest kitchen dehydrated dog food

  • measure out the dry ingredients in a small bowl an example for a 1-10 lb dog would be 1/4 cup per day and 1/3 cup of warm water.
  • This will make two servings a day.
  • cook your favorite protein it can be anything from beef to fish. add half of 1/4 cup of mix = 2 tablespoons and about 3 tablespoons of warm water into a small bowl stir for 3 minutes you may add broth in place of water
  • put your protein in such as beef recipes or even raw dog food
  • serve with love and appreciate a dogs love

This human grade food (meaning you could eat it and thrive all approved by the FDA) is indeed a force to be reckoned. Honest kitchen kindly dehydrated dog food box is full of life it makes lbs of food just add warm water or broth to rehydrate. Base mix add your own protein. Your dog will feel just like a part of the family having his/her food homemade and served at the same time you sit down to eat.

 Kindy is perfect for senior dogs, dogs that have allergies and dogs who need a special diet also for dogs that have medical problems. Make sure you check with your vet. You can also see that a 3 lb box will last a small dog about 1 and a half months. A seven lbs box will last about 80 days or almost 3 months.

This food is a perfect source of all the nutrients your dog needs. The human grade high quality dehydrated food items can actually be eaten by a human or even a baby and toddlers. What other dog food has been cleared for human consumption? Try it you will like it and no more guesses about the ingredients. 

 This is truly a must have especially for dogs with allergies and other GI problems. I recommend this dehydrated dog food to families that have one or two pets that require special needs diets.

how long will a box last

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