Dog toy Soft dog toy Madison Moose 11"

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Dog toy Soft dog toy Madison Moose is a favorite of our light chewers and for those dogs that just like to carry their toy with them anywhere they choose to go.

June 22, 2011

This a wonderful's actually Happy's favorite...he has to have it w/him when he sits with me or my husband when he goes to bed-just about wherever/whenever he is sitting still.
Our Happy is a pretty tough customer where stuffed toys are concerned. He's about 35 lbs and pretty strong. We've gone through more plush toys than we ever thought we would...Until he met his match in the form of "Madison Moose"...This great moose gives our Happy a run for his money. While we've had to replace MM a few times, you have to realize that we've had Happy for 5 years now and he chews this poor little moose all day and, as noted above, when he goes to bed...

I'm actually online ordering 2 spares since it's been a while and we want to be sure that there are reserves around. Also, he's now got a sister who has been eyeing Moose...

Hope this helps.

  This dog toy has mixed reviews. They work great for light chewers and dogs that basically just carry their baby around. It has a hard time against aggressive and tough chewers. I would like to tell you a little bit about "you love it" guarantee if your dog destroys this toy we will refund or replace the item. It is all your choice. I just ask for a picture of the damaged toy sent to also please provide a telephone number. 

Some dogs don't like certain types of toys. So you may need to search for a soft dog toy. This toy comes highly recommended so buy now. You are covered with a one time love it guarantee, we will refund total price or replace with a new toy one time only per residence.

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