Snow Leopard Minkie Binkie medium

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Your dog child will absolutely love this mini blanket. A small blanket to spread on the ground or in your house giving your dog a comfortable place to lay or sit. These blankets are on back order you can order now and we will send a request to get it homemade for you.

We call these blankets Minkie Binkie because they feel like mink but are small blankets to give your dog a warm item to keep them from getting cold. They are made in the USA with nontoxic material you may find from Asian countries. They are square in shape.

  • Size 30 X 36 inches medium 
  • Made in U.S.A.

Super warm buy several so your dog kid can bunch them all together. These blankets are not only soft but make a nice comfortable pile.

My two dog children love to bunch these up and create a pillow you can also have a beautiful blanket just for you: Throws are a nice way to make your bed stand out. They are pretty also just like our Minki binkies.

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