Precision Care Crate 2 Door Extra Large 48X30X33 - Dog Crate

Precision care crate 2 door extra large 48X30X33

  • $153.05

Customers rate this at 4.5 out of 5 stars

The majority of customers buy these folding cages or crates due to their ease to use.Easy to unfold with 2 cage doors. For larger dogs up to 110 lbs such as Golden Retrievers. We recommend dog beds, cozys, dog blankets to make your dog more comfortable when they want to take a rest from all the playing they engage.



Cages that are good for dogs?

Yes, dog cages are good for your dog child. The benefits include easy to potty train, give your dog children a safe place(for the time when they just have to take a break) We recommend putting a "Cozy" in with them see cozys under the collection called cozys on this website.

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