Dog Stroller G7 Jogger Pet Stroller for very active people and dogs.

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Buy now! This is our most sturdy model. It is made for active pet parents. You will actually be able to jog with this stroller.

This jogger pet stroller is loved by people, dogs, and yes even cats. It has many features to aid you and your fur baby on your journey. It has several pockets where you can put items like your personal items, keys, phone, etc. You can also store potty gathering bags, water, and anything else your dog may need.

The most popular use of this dog stroller for active dog parents. Is, of course, jogging! Many people will take these to the mountains and run the paths and if their dog gets tired they put them in the pet stroller and continue their run.

Very easy to put together with no tools needed. Has 3 wheels with the ability to lock the front wheels into place to avoid having it follow each groove of the path. Listen to one of the customers" Our rescue dog Jake has little arthritis and we needed something for when he gets tired walking with us. He absolutely loves it, he knows it is his and when we load it in the car he knows something fun is going to happen. It was hard to find one for a mid-size yet longer pup and this just fits him."




Interior Pet compartment dimensions:   26" L x  14" W x 24" x H
Stroller set up dimensions:   38" L x  23" x W 43"x  H

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