Motorcycle Dog Jackets pink Biker Dawg

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Buy now. Just in time, we have been waiting for about a year to get these restocked. Yes, they are that popular. This is the motorcycle jacket in pink. We have a version in black.

  • They are very very popular faux leather feels like real leather.
  • Motorcycle Jackets for those dogs that like being on the road :) 
  • Rivets for a more natural look.
  • Motorcycle Dog Jackets

Use at your own risk if you take your dog on a motorcycle we are not responsible for injuries nor death.

You and your dog child will feel the air on your face on your way to Sturgis. This even comes with a classic motorcycle on the back.

 Size                Chest                  Neck             Weights (lbs)

xs                     10”-13”              7”-10”                3-6

s                       13”-16”              10”-13”              6-10 

l                        16”-19”              13”-16”             11-16 

xl                      19”-21”              19”-21”             16-33

2xl                     21”-26”             23”-26”             45-70

3xl                     31”-36”             26”-31”             70-90

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