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We have several sizes and colors. This will make a great gift and this beautiful clothing will make your dog's day. Start your dog's wardrobe with this shirt and you will be on your way to starting a Hawaiian collection of Tropical feeling clothes.

Any pup will feel ready to set out on an adventure of a lifetime when wearing our new Hawaiian camp shirt paradise nights. Our Hawaiian Camp Shirts are made of 100% cotton and include a leash hole for quick access and easy walking!

Buy these now they are cotton t-shirts for dogs. Great for spring and summer. We are selling all of our spring and summer stock to get ready for fall and winter. 

 Size            Chest            Neck                Length                Weight (lbs)

xxs               10"                8"                     6½”                     3-6

xs                 13"                11"                   8”                        6-10 

s                  14"                 13"                  10”                      10-16

m                 17"                 15"                  12”                     16-30  

L                  20"                 18"                  16”                    30-45

XL                26"                 19"                  20”                    45-60

2xl               31"                  20"                  24”                    60-80   


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