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Doggie Design American River Halloween Sugar Skulls Dog Harness Xxs Thru 3Xl - Xxs - Dog Harness

Doggie design American river Halloween sugar skulls dog harness XXS thru 3XL

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This special dog harness is designed by doggie design and is FIRST and ONLY company in the world to create this Exciting New “Halloween sugar skulls"

Certified Break Strength Tested to 386 Lbs, by an International Independent Testing Laboratory. 

 Size               Chest           (LBS)

xxs                  9”-11”           2-3

xs                   11”-13”         4-6

s                     13”-16”        6-11

M                    16”-19”       11-16

L                     19”-21”        16-25

XL                  21”-24”         25-40

2XL                24”-27”         40-50

2XL/3XL        27”-30”         50-60

3XL               30”-33”         60-90