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Doggie Design American River Dog Harness Ombre Collection Aruba Blue - Xxs - Dog Harness

Doggie design American river dog harness ombre collection aruba blue

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Act now save your dog's trachea. This harness pulls from the chest, not their throat that could cause your dog's trachea to collapse

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We used our own special color blending technique to create a beautiful Palette of Rainbow Colors. This aruba blue is a very pretty harness.

 Size               Chest           (LBS)

xxs                  9”-11”           2-3

xs                   11”-13”         4-6

s                     13”-16”        6-11

M                    16”-19”       11-16

L                     19”-21”        16-25

XL                  21”-24”         25-40

2XL                24”-27”         40-50

2XL/3XL        27”-30”         50-60

3XL               30”-33”         60-90