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Dog Tuxedo With Tails Bow Cotton Collar Wedding Male Dog Tuxedo - Xxs - Clothes

Dog tuxedo with tails, bow, cotton collar wedding male dog tuxedo

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  It is almost your dog's wedding today hurry up and buy them this full tuxedo for your baby dog. 

So much to do so little time. Make sure you get the Tux all taken care of so you can get to the rest of planning your dogs' wedding.

Here are the sizes:

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 Size         Chest      Neck        Weight (lbs)

xxs            8”-10”      5”-7”         1-3

xs             10”-13”     7”-10”       3-5 

s               13”-16”     10”-13”    6-10

m              16”-19”     13”-16”   11-15   

l                19”-21”    16”-19”    16-25

xl              21”-26”     19”-23”   26-45

2xl            26”-31”      23”-26”   45-70

3xl            31”-36”      26”-31”   70-90

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