Dog Tuxedo wear american river ultra choke free dog harness tuxedo with 4 interchangeable bows

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The time to buy is now! This dog tuxedo will have your little boy dog ready for a wedding or any reason. 

Dog Tuxedo is ready to show your dog as a dapper dog. It comes with 4 interchangeable bow ties. While also offering the safety of our American River Harness and D-Ring for easy walking.

Wedding season is very close but it takes a lot of planning don't forget to get your dog ready to be a groomsman.

Your dog wants and should be part of your wedding after all they are part of the family. Many people have their boy dogs be a groomsman with a dog bridesmaid. They also use a female dog to be the flower girl, ring barrer, or a bridesmaid

 Size               Chest             Weight (lbs)

xxs                  9”-11”             2-3

xs                   11”-13             4-6 

s                     13”-16”            6-11

m                    16”-19”           11-16 

l                      19”-21”            16-25 

xl                     21”-24             25-40

2xl                   24”-27”            40-50


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