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Introducing the purple Woodstock dog sweater, a piece of clothing made and suited to place on your dog for warmth and comfort for your beloved dog. This clothing design comes in multiple different sizes, ranging from double extra small, to small and medium, to large and extra-large, and even double extra and triple extra-large, so that this Woodstock sweater can fit your dog, no matter how big or small it may be.

There are sizes available for dogs ranging from 2 pounds to 120 pounds large, so no dog can be left out. The Woodstock material used was strongly influenced by the 1969 music festival which evidently had the same name. The festival was widely considered to be the embodiment of free love, unity, and peace. This festival had occurred during the times of the civil rights act as well as the Vietnam war, so the main goal in creating the music festival was to spread the message of peace, unity, love, which was largely seen in the clothing that the participants wore, which was very much colorful. Similar to this purple sweater that is designed for your dog, the Woodstock festival, and the aesthetic that it inspired is strongly reflected in the appearance of the sweater. The aesthetic of the Woodstock clothing during the festival was a mixture of very bright colors, similar to the sweater for your dog, in which it is a mixture of purple, green, and red.

This Woodstock sweater is also designed and homemade, in order to locally support and provide a living income for those who are less fortunate. If you are interested in purchasing a purple Woodstock sweater for your dog just in time, please visit the product page at the link If you are also interested in looking for more products to best suit your dog, please visit our company page at

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