Dog Pajamas - Dog Pajamas Sweet Dreams Thermal Dog Pajamas Pink

Dog pajamas sweet dreams thermal dog pajamas pink

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Dog pajamas will keep your dog child stay warm this season as they go to dreamland. These comfortable dog pajamas feature a super soft 100% thermal cotton. 

A wonderful stretch of memory makes these practical dog pajamas a must.

These powerful dogs pajamas are great for dogs that are having an itching problem but make sure you take your dog to a vet to determine the reason your dog maybe itching, maybe fleas or ticks.

Here are the sizes for these four-legged dog's pajamas:

 Size     Back length           Chest            Neck           Weight (lbs)           

 xs        8”                            10”-13”         7”-10”          3-5

s          10”                          13”-16”         10”-12”        6-10 

m         12”                          16”-19”          12”-14”       11-15

l           15”                           19”-22”         14”-17”       16-25



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