Biker Dawg Motorcycle Dog Jackets pink

  • $50.00

Buy now! These very popular dog jackets biker style sell out very quickly.

They are very very popular faux leather feels like real leather. Motorcycle Jackets for those dogs that like being on the road :) 

Actually please do not take your dog on your motorcycle we are not responsible for injuries nor death.

You and your dog child will feel the air on your face these even come with a classic motorcycle on the back.

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 Size                Chest                  Neck             Weights (lbs)

xs                     10”-13”              7”-10”                3-6

s                       13”-16”              10”-13”              6-10 

l                        16”-19”              13”-16”             11-16 

xl                      19”-21”              19”-21”             16-33

2xl                     21”-26”             23”-26”             45-70

3xl                     31”-36”             26”-31”             70-90

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