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Dog Hoodie Doggie Design Sport Dog Hoodie Flame Scarlett Red - 2Xl - Dog Coats

Dog hoodie doggie design sport dog hoodie flame scarlett red

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 Act now! This dog hoodie is very warm to wear while outside your home as well as inside. Bring your dog inside these hoodies are not to be considered as a way to keep your dog outside overnight. As we believe it is cruel and inhumane to keep your dogs outside for long periods of time such as overnight.

Introducing our completely New line of Sports Hoodies for Pets. They are made to fit comfortably with a snap closure at the neck that makes this product easy to get on and off. The Sports Hoodies come in 10 brilliant colors with accented piping for a truly sporty look, you will love!

Made of 65% polyester, 35% cotton and trimmed with contrasting piping.

Buy now! For a very limited time make sure you buy now. These sell out very quickly.  Makes great gifts.


 Here are the sizes.

 Size        Back length         Chest          Neck        Weight (lbs)

xs            8”                          12”             9”              3-5

s             10”                        15”             12”            6-10

m            12”                        19”             14”            11-16

l              16”                        22”             18”            16-25

xl            22”                        26”              20”            26-45

2xl          26”                        32”              22”             45-60

3xl          32”                        36”              24”             60-75