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Hawaiian Blue Harness

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We have a Hawaiian-themed harness designed specially for your dog child. It’s a blast of color that also adds the right kind of comfort and support. This mesh harness comes with an Ukulele patch and blue hibiscus flowers like those found in Hawaii. Why Ukulele, you ask? It is an extremely popular musical instrument in Hawaii. The name roughly translates to ‘jumping flea’ (perhaps a reference to the player’s finger movements). This harness is perfect for those summer afternoons when your dog wants a dip in the pool. 

  • Designed for hot days
  • Cool mesh harness
  • Matching leash
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Hawaiian-themed harness
  • Fashionable all year long


 Size               Chest           (LBS)

xs                   11”-13”         4-6

s                     13”-16”        6-11

M                    16”-19”       11-16

L                     19”-21”        16-25





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