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Safeguard your dog with this American River polka dot dog harness. The patented design pulls from the chest to protect your pet's trachea and throat. For choke-free control that lets you safely train your dog, choose this gorgeous dog harness.

Heavy-Duty Velcro

Secure your dog harness at an angle to avoid gaps at the front. The heavy-duty Velcro lets you adjust the fit to your pet's physique. Watch the video for a demonstration on how to get your dog into the harness.

You will need a leash for these beautiful dog harnesses. 



Our full range of sizes fits tiny princesses to large divas. View the chart below to find the chest size and weight of your dog for the best fit.

 Size               Chest           (LBS)                             

xs                   11”-13”         4-6

s                     13”-16”        6-11

M                    16”-19”       11-16

L                     19”-21”        16-25

XL                  21”-24”         25-40


Beautiful Design for a Fashionable Look

The lovely design features small white polka dots on a bright pink background. The ruffles soften the lines of the harness and add flair to your pup's wardrobe. The subtle ruffles are positioned away from your dog's fur and skin to prevent irritation.

Zigzag Trim for Added Strength

The zigzag trim prevents missed stitches and defects and creates a strong bond for long-lasting wear, even for dogs that like to pull. It also produces a unique design element. 

Double Safety Closure

Secure your pet with the double safety closure system designed to keep your escape artist in the dog harness. The Velcro closure secures the harness in place, and the high-strength plastic release buckle adds a second level of security to keep your dog in the harness. 

Reflective Strips for Safe Night Walking

Reflective strips on this American River pink polka dot ruffle dog harness make it easy for cars, pedestrians, and other pet owners to see your dog during nighttime walks.

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