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Dog Dress Red Velvet Double Dress - Tea Cup - Dog Dresses

Dog dress red velvet double dress

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Buy now. Dog dress red velvet double dress is perfect for any girly girl with high royalty personalities. 

For dog parents that love "my little girl loves to dress up" this is such a cute dress.

Elegant, fashionable, adorable. Our exclusive line of dog dresses are made in the U.S.A. (as are all of our items). Easy fit, never fades, and always looks amazing! If your little baby has a lot of fur size it one up. 

 Size                   weight (lbs)

Tea cup              2-3 lbs

xs                       5-7 lbs

s                        8-10 lbs

M                      11-15 lbs

l                        16-21 lbs 

xl                       22-30 lbs