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Dog Dress Polka Dot And Lace Set With Leash Pink - Xs - Dog Dresses

Dog dress polka dot and lace Set with Leash Pink

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 Buy now! This dog dress sells out quickly. Beautiful dresses for girly girls, your dog child will make them look even more beautiful.

This dress style now comes in pink with a matching leash. Easy to put on and take off and is machine washable. Who will be able to resist the beautiful dress with a bow tie on the backside?

Here are the sizes:                              Also free shipping @ 49.99

 Size            Back length                Chest              Neck            Weight (lbs) 

xs                 8”                                10”-13”           7”-10”           3-5

s                  10”                               13”-16”          10”-12”          6-10

m                 12”                               16”-19”          12”-14”         11-15

l                   15”                               19”-22”           14”-17”        16-25