Dog Coats - Designer Dog Snowsuit Red Ruffin It Dog Snow Suit Harness

Dog coats snowsuit red ruffin it dog snow suit harness

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Buy now! designer dog coats snowsuit harness. Attitude is what helps your dog pull off certain outfits and you'll find that this warm dog coat is going to be no different.

  The outer shell of this is made from a polyester and nylon blend that serves as a protective outer shell from the elements.  On the inside, a soft sherpa fleece helps keep your dog warm and comfortable while she's exploring the world around her in the cold. Dog coats are the way to go.

Dog jackets and dog snowsuits are important for protecting your dog, warm, but they're also critical to her/his sense of style. 

The bright red with the “Ruffin It” silkscreened logo on the back will give her/him that pop he/she's looking for.

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 Size                 Back length               Chest                   neck           weight(lbs)

XS                    8”                               10”-13”                 7”-10”         3-5

S                      10”                              13”-16”                10”-12”      6-10  

M                      12”                             16”-19”                 12”-14”     11-15

L                       15”                             19”-22”                 14”-17”      16-25

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