Dog Coats - Designer Dog Coat Plaid Fur Trimmed Dog Harness Coat Pink And White

dog coat plaid fur trimmed dog harness coat pink and white

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It might still be warm outside for the moment, but cold winter temperatures will be here before you know it.

That means you'll need to keep your dog as warm as possible!

Regardless of your dog's size or age, it's important to keep them warm. That's why every dog owner should consider buying a dog coat. If you've never given dog coats much thought, there's plenty to know and understand. Fortunately, you've come to the right place for answers.

This article takes a look at everything you should know about choosing the best winter coats for keeping your four-legged friend warm when it gets cold outside. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.


The first consideration when choosing a dog coat or dog sweaters is size. Because you obviously need to make sure it's a good fit in order to maximize warmth and comfort.

The key is to select a coat that is small enough to stay securely on your dog but also large enough that won't feel too stuffy.


Length is also an important factor. Make sure that it doesn't hang down past her waist, otherwise it might end up getting caught on something or drag on the ground.


Keep in mind that the whole point of investing in a coat for your furry friend is to keep them snuggly warm when it's cold outside. That means choosing a coat filled with the best insulation for the climate where you live.

When you think about it, the same is true for both dogs and people. Thus you'll want to buy a warmer coat if you live in an area that experiences extreme winter temperatures.

And yet you also don't want the coat to get too hot, because this will make your pooch unnecessarily sweaty and uncomfortable.


Your dog will need to be about to run around outside and play. That means their coat needs to be durable enough to hand playing in the yard without tearing. You might also want to avoid zippers if your dog has long hair.

Armpit and Neck 

Another factor to think about it is how much room the coat offers in the armpit and neck areas. After all, they need to feel free to move without feeling pinched.

Waterproof Material

Your pooch will almost certainly be out in the rain from time to time. That's why you need to choose a coat that will keep their body as dry as possible. A good waterproof coat will help keep them warm and dry, which will obviously make for a happier dog.

Reflective Strips for Safety

It's also important to look for a coat that features reflective strips. This is especially important if you live in an area with heavy traffic. The reflective strips will make it easier for motorists to see her if she happens to wander off. This is also very important when walking your dog in the evening.

A Complete Guide for Shopping for Dog Coats

It's going to be cold outside soon. Fortunately, this guide to dog coats will help your furry friend stay warm all winter long. 

Click here to find the perfect coat for your dog. 



     Size                 Back length               Chest                   neck           weight(lbs)

    XS                    8”                               10”-13”                 7”-10”         3-5

    S                      10”                              13”-16”                10”-12”      6-10  

    M                      12”                             16”-19”                 12”-14”     11-15

    L                       15”                             19”-22”                 14”-17”      16-25

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