Dog Coats - Designer Dog Coat Hot Pink Plaid With Black Thick Fur Collar Harness Coat

dog coats hot pink plaid with black thick fur collar harness coat

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This is a very nice looking dog coat for cold or cool weather. Designed with a hot pink plaid color and a blank fur around the collar area. It comes with a matching leash. 

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You will love showing your dog's new coat as you walk down the street or to the park walk. Don't be surprised if somebody asks you where you got the dog coat. I recommend starting a collection of dog coats for large dogs and dog coats for small dogs. The faux fur collar is sure to help keep your dog warm.

Your furry friend will be warm wearing this dog sweater you can also put a dog shirt underneath if you would like to help keep hair off the inside of the dog jacket. This fleece dog sweater is quickly order shipped to your dwelling place. Don't forget about dog coats for large dogs especially those with thin hair. 

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