Dog Coats - Dog Coat Extra Warm Coats Alpine Extreme Cold Weather Puffer Coat Orange

Dog coat extra warm coats Alpine extreme cold weather puffer coat Orange

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Extreme weather calls for extreme clothing! Our warm and protective puffer jackets are for those snowy winter days. Our signature quilted design has a thick fleece lining and filled with warm fiber insulation, to make sure your dog is protected and ready for all kinds of outdoor activities! It also has a waterproof exterior to keep your dog warm and dry.

- Extreme weather puffer jacket - Lightweight quilted dog coat - Easy to put on and take off - Thick fleece lining - Waterproof exterior - Comes with a leash hole - Suitable for all types of dogs

    You and your dog will be ready for all types of outdoor adventures, running and playing in the snow when the other dogs have to stay indoors. I would not be surprised if they ask you where you got it, we hope you mention! You can play almost all the same games you do during the warmer weather such as fetch, frisbee, or just rolling around in the snow.

    The jacket is perfect for all types of dogs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes and bigger/wider so anywhere from 3 lbs to 150 lbs. With the way, it hooks on to the dog the coat is perfect fitting. The extreme weather puffer coats are lined with thick fleece and filled with warm fiber insulation. And since it is has a waterproof exterior this coat will keep your dog warm and dry. The snap of a leash with a harness or collar will be easy with a built-in hole for the snap of the adjustable dog leash.

      Size, Back Length, Chest, Neck, Weight (pounds)

    xs     8"                    10”-13”  7”-9”  3-6 lbs

    s      10.5”                13”-16”  9”-12” 6-10 lbs

    M     12”                   16-19”    12”-15” 11-16 lbs

    L      15”                   19”-21”  15”-18”  16-25 lbs

    XL    18”                   21”-26”  18”-21”  25-40 lbs

    XXL 22”                    26”-31”   21”-23” 40-50 lbs

    3XL 26”                    31”-34”   23”-28”  50-75 lbs

    4XL 28”                    34”-37”   28”-30”  75-100 lbs

    5XL 30”                    37”-40”   30”-32”   100-120 lbs

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