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Brit Brit quilted carrier Ivory satin Dog carrier tote

Brit Brit quilted carrier Ivory satin designed to be used with a cozy Dog carrier tote

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Imagine yourself walking with your dog child around in your Dog carrier tote. 

Dog carrier tote. This sling is only for dogs 10 lbs and under, it has a latch to hook to your dog's harness. Your dog child will be secure! The dog will be hanging around your ankles. cozy link

What kind of good compliments do you think you will get a Dog carrier tote?

 I just want to let you know these are not the cheap 19.99 Dog carrier tote you will find on discount stores like eBay, Amazon, and Chewys. These slings are made to be comfortable not only for your dog but for yourself. Also, they are stylish and soft the cost runs around 161.25.They look good and make you and your doggie look good! So what do you say want to give it a try?