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Kate quilted carrier, denim
Kate quilted carrier, denim

Kate quilted carrier, denim Dog carrier purse

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Our Kate Quilted carrier, black leather is our most popular brand of Dog carrier purse.

Hi, I see you have a dog. My dog child's name is Daisy. Does your dog child like to be with you all the time like mine? I think that is great and I bought a Dog carrier purse to take her with me to many different places. She loves being able to get out of the house and help me go shopping I had to get her used to being around people so she does not bark at them but I am glad we can spend time helping people to smile and pet her.

Just think of all the wonderful compliments and questions you will receive.

This dog purse not only helps myself and my dog child but we get to meet people that love dogs and I have met many people. I like to be friends and this Dog carrier purse has helped me to be able to get out of my shell and go out with other people and socialize. It has helped me so much I started going door to door to sell these purses and about 2 out of 10 end up buying for their dogs and for themselves. I see you are still looking for this purse (by the way you can not buy these on, eBay, nor Amazon. These are not their type of purse that they sell for 19.99 on mega sites. These purses are made special so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Thank you for your order in advance please stay in touch and join our group.

Spot clean. Weight limit: 10lbs. Dimensions: Height 11” or 7” lower side x Width 15”x Depth 6.5”

Available in a wide variety of other colors!