Clothes - Dog Bow Tie Collar Set

Dog Bow Tie Collar Set

  • $19.99

Buy this dog bow tie now! Imagine how handsome your male dog child will look just wearing this around the house.

 The set comes with 4 interchangeable bow ties for any occasion. The 4 bows are red satin, black and silver stripe, holiday, and patriotic red, white and blue

Here are the sizes

 Size                    Neck               Weight (lbs)

xs                        7”-10”               4-6

s                         10”-13”              6-11

m                        13”-16”              11-16                 

l                          16”-19”               16-25

xl                        19”-23”                25-40

2xl                      23”-26”                40-50 

3xl                     26”-31”                 60-90 

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