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 This luxury plush Bella dog bed is exactly what your dog needs. Made from high-quality synthetic plush fur, giving your dog complete comfort, this dog bed will ensure your little furry friend is surrounded by love and warmth.

Ideal for your dog to curl up on or sprawl out on, this luxury plush Bella dog bed features a raised rim to provide warmth and security which helps them to calm down faster, reduce anxiety and sleep well. 

The luxury plush Bella dog bed is also easy to care for. Simply hand wash for small stains, or pop in the washer and dryer for larger stains using a gentle cycle and low heat tumble dry. 

This bed comes in a number of different sizes small for dogs up to 4 lbs, large for dogs up to 8lbs

This luxury plush Bella dog bed is designed for the health and happiness of your pet. Carefully designed by the designer, we pride ourselves on making long-lasting and resistant pet supplies for your furry friends. We believe pets make for best friends and are members of the family so it's only natural to treat them with the necessities they deserve. Made of non-toxic materials and easy to care for fabrics, our goal is to provide a comfortable and restful environment for pets to let them grow up more happily. 

So what are you waiting for? Why not give your dog the most perfect gift this winter season with this luxury plush Bella dog bed which is cozy, flexible, and will give your dog a full, restful sleep that he deserves. 

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