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Dog Bathrobe White Silver Tiara Cotton Dog Bathrobe - Xs - Clothes

Dog bathrobe white silver tiara cotton dog bathrobe

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Dog luxury items buy your dog bathrobe, dog accessories. Buy today.

After you give your dog child a bath wrap them up in a bathrobe they will love it and they look very nice. Cotton combed terrycloth blend makes them very absorbent.

The girl's robe features an embroidered silver tiara for your little princess. 

Here are the sizes:


 Size             Chest              Neck             Weight(lbs)

xs                  10”-13”           7”-10”            3-6

s                    13”-16”           10”-13”          6-10

m                   16”-19”            13”-16”         11-16 

l                     19”-21”             16”-19”        16-33