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Dog bathrobe white gold crown cotton dog towel

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Buy your male dog a luxurious bathrobe. Wrap your little boy in the gold crown dog bathrobe.

  • Dog bathrobe
  • Dog towel
  • Terry towel
  • absorbent cotton
  • Crown across the back
  • wrap around belt just like ours.

After you give your dog a bath wrap him up in a bathrobe he will love it and you can dry him off or just baby your dog. Cotton combed terrycloth blend makes them very absorbent.

Here are the sizes:


 Size             Chest              Neck             Weight(lbs)

xs                  10”-13”           7”-10”            3-6

s                    13”-16”           10”-13”          6-10

m                   16”-19”            13”-16”         11-16 

l                     19”-21”             16”-19”        16-33


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