Carriers And Slings To Carry Your Dog Child With You. - Boho Sling In Black

Boho Black Sling Bag to Carry Dog

  • $90.00

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Dog Carrier Sling Bag

Professionally designed, this dog carrier tote is a must-buy for any dog parent. You don’t have to leave your dog at home while you go to the supermarket. It’s a great dog carrier tote that lets you go hands-free. This sling is only for dogs 10 lbs and under and it has a latch to hook to your dog's harness. Boho Black Sling Bag to Carry Dog. Apart from its functionality,

This best carrier dog tote is super comfortable, not just for your dog but for you too. It has a boho feel to it and makes both you and your doggie look good! 
  • Comfortable dog sling tote
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Fashionable all year long
  • Light-weight and easy to store

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