Dog Dresses - Dog Dresses Blue Polka Dot Dog Dress Is Ready To Show Off Your Fashion Sense

Dog dresses Blue polka dot dog dress is ready to show off your fashion sense

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 Order now and get your blue polka dot dress so you can show off your baby girl. Everybody will want to know where she got her great sense of style And you can just sit back and smile.

  • doubles as a dog harness
  • dog dresses to build her wardrobe
  • D-ring to attach a leash 
  • matching leash
  • looks beautiful like white clouds in a blue sky


  •   lbs 3-5                     

  • Chest: 10"-13" (Most Important)

  • Neck:7"-10"


  • lbs 6-10

  • Chest: 13"-16" (Most Important)

  • Neck: 10"-13"


  • lbs 11-15

  • Chest: 16"-19" (Most Important)

  • Neck: 13"-16"


  • lbs 16-25

  • Chest: 19"-21" (Most Important)

  • Neck: 16"-19"

Polka dot is a pattern consisting of an array of large filled circles of the same size. Polka dots are commonly seen on children's clothing, toys, furniture, ceramics, and Eastern European folk art but they appear in a wide array of contexts. 

 If you want a more casual look we also have tee shirts.

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