Clothes - Black Satin Dog Bow Tie And Collar

Black Satin Dog Bow Tie and Collar

  • $15.99

Buy this black satin dog bow tie and collar now. Your little baby dog child will love to strut wearing this slick suave black tie.

Combination collar and bow tie are both fashionable and functional.
Easily adds instant elegance to any special occasion.

Here are the sizes:

 Size                  Neck               Weight (lbs)

xs                       7”-10”              4-6

s                        10”-13”            6-11

m                       13”-16”           11-16

l                         16”-19”           16-25

xl                       19”-23”            25-40 

2xl                     23”-26”           40-50

3xl                     26”-31”            60-90     


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