Clothes - Black Satin Dog Bow Tie And Collar

Fashionable Black Bow-Tie and Collar For Your Furry Angel

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Bow-Tie for Your Pooch

You are into fashion. Why shouldn’t your dog be too? Buy this black bow tie collar for your dog and watch him strut around with pride. It is slick, suave, and made of high-quality satin. Imagine the compliments you will receive as your dog walks around in this elegant combination of collar and bow tie. It is available in various sizes.  Great for weddings and a big night out.

  • Stylish bow tie and collar
  • Made of satin
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Comfortable and sleek
  • American brand

 Size                  Neck               Weight (lbs)

xs                       7”-10”             4-6

s                        10”-13”           6-11

m                       13”-16”           11-16

l                         16”-19”           16-25

xl                       19”-23”            25-40 

2xl                     23”-26”           40-50

3xl                     26”-31”            60-90  

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