Big S-S-Stretch fun for your dog is a squeaky dog toy.

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Big S-S-Stretch Diamond fun for your dog is a squeaky dog toy. Play tug of war, fetch, and anything else your dog can think to play. 

The S-S-Stretch was for our two Boxers. We bought the blue and rust colored (one for each) and our babies have not destroyed them yet, but they have tried. Very few toys have survived more than 1 day, but these are Boxer approved and tough, and they squeak! The biggest reason I bought them, they are made in the USA, not Chinese junk laced lead...Thank you for a great product made in the U.S.A.!

Buy American. Instantly bond with your dog child, even more than you already are, with this squeaky soft dog toy.

If it ever wears out we will definitely purchase another. Thank you!

Our love it guarantee allows you to return one item for any reason 1x only and 1x per household. email with picture of toy.

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