Toppl interactive dog toy and awarded the best interactive dog toys

  • $20.95

The Toppl was awarded the best interactive dog toys. So many youtube videos on the greatness of this toy are overwhelming.

 The Toppl is made out of Zoogle flex material that can stretch 400 times its size. Made in the USA. Using are Zoogle flex material we are able to recycle these eco-friendly toys. These come in large and small size but are made to be interlocked together (separate orders). Just put your dog's favorite treat interlocking the large size with the small size, in order to do this you must but both the large and small toy.

We here at West Paw are excited to bring you the best and most novel and inventive dog toys around. Try out the toppl today. I believe it will help slow down your dogs eating also, except for the smartest of dogs.

 I guarantee you with a money back guarantee that you will love to topple. You will love the mind stimulating results of these toys, and if your dog figures out the toy. Buy the opposite size of topple dog toy and fill with treats. Watch the video you just click them together one on top of the other. You can even use the toys to feed your dog and slow down their eating about 50 to 80%. 

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