Wysong Dog Food - SENIOR™ 5 Lb

best dog food for senior dogs SENIOR™ 5 lb try it out today.

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Tell me how would you like your dog to eat healthily? We follow all of your dogs' nutritional needs from puppies to geriatrics.

This puppy canine dry formula SENIOR™ 5 lb case. The dog food comes in a 5lb package. And along with a round rotated diet can help your dog live longer. Read the next paragraph on what a balanced diet consists of and it may surprise you.

We want your dog to be on a rotated diet!

It is very important to put your dog on a rotation of dog food to keep their fur and bodies shiny and healthy. Therefore we recommend you rotate their food with canned dog food, and non-thermal freeze-dried dog food heated 118 degrees to kill all parasites and bacteria that would make your dog sick on a completely raw dog food diet!.

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