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Dog carrier Adjustable Faux Fur Sling bag Charcoal

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This new sling is great to carry your BFF around anywhere you go. You will love having your dog or cat with you to show them off to people, but more importantly, showing people and places to your dog. Places they usually never get into, but with the event, of emotional support animals it makes it much easier to take your pet to let us say, to the mall or place of interest.

  • approved airline carrier to take your dog into the seating area of your trip
  • fully adjustable to fit anybody 
  • ring adjusters
  • dog carrier
  • perfect for carrying small dogs or cats
  • sling bag
  • charcoal colored
  • Adjustable Faux Fur Sling bag Charcoal

Your dog will be all the rage with people asking you where did you get the carrier. Your furbaby will love being with you more. And you get to pamper your pet who is always there for you. I believe you will love it so buy yours today and thank you for shopping at

Every small dog owner has had to carry their dog, it’s inevitable. A dog sling offers the added functionality of keeping your hands free. This means you can take that call from mom, continue sipping your latte or fill your cart with goodies without having to worry about shifting your pup from arm to arm.


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