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Fun and Practical Tips Every Dog Parent Needs for a Healthy and Safe Fall


It may not seem like it just yet, but fall is right around the corner. So if you have any furry members of your family, you may need to take a few steps in order to ensure they are healthy and prepared for the colder, drier months ahead. Of course, there are bound to be a few holiday celebrations sprinkled in as well. So here are some health and wellness tips to help you get your dog ready for the seasons and holidays ahead.


Watch Out for Itchy, Dry Skin


You know how when the temperatures dip your skin can get dry and scaly? Well dogs can be sensitive to lower temperatures and humidity as well and dry skin is a common seasonal complaint from pet parents. If you want to prevent your furkid’s skin and coat from getting dry and flaky this fall and winter, Carolina Value Pet Care suggests adding skin-boosting supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids to his dinner. These supplements come in the form of oils, tablets and chewables, so choose one that will work for your pup.


If you notice dryness around your dog’s nose during the winter months, you can also mix up a nose balm inexpensively to soothe that chapped snout. It may also be worthwhile to switch your dog over to a hypoallergenic dog food, just in case all of the itching and scratching has more to do with allergies than the seasonal weather changes. And of course, always check in with your vet to rule out any serious health conditions.


Puppers Like Pumpkin Spice Too


Mmm, there’s nothing like a pumpkin spice latte or some pumpkin bread to really get you in the mood for fall. As it turns out, Honest Paws explains that there’s also nothing like a little bit of canned pumpkin to keep your dog’s digestion in top shape during the cooler months.


Honestly, keeping a couple of cans of canned pumpkin in your pantry is a smart idea all year long. That’s because this delicious fall ingredient can magically tame diarrhea and constipation in dogs! The trick is to make sure you snag pure canned pumpkin, rather than the sugary pie filling, and then to add a little to your dog’s food whenever things seem irregular.


Now if you do want to treat your dog to some fun fall or winter treats, try to keep a few human food rules in mind. For one, moderation is always key for preventing stomach upset and weight gain. It’s also crucial to keep certain foods and treats away from your dog, including turkey skins, honey-baked hams, raisins and sugar-free sweets.


Chilly Days Call for Cozy Dog Beds


So fall and winter are prime snuggle seasons for you and your pet, and there are actually some pretty big benefits to sharing your bed with your canine family members. Research has shown that cuddling with your dog at night can relieve stress and insomnia, and getting all of those snuggles in can also improve the health of your heart. Even so, it’s also a good idea to give your best bud a cozy place of his own to nap and snooze those cooler fall days away.


If your dog is older or suffers from arthritis, you may want to look for an orthopedic bed that will have a little extra support for those achy old joints. A cozy, joint-supporting solution can be ideal for your pup’s golden years.


Don’t forget something comfy-cozy for time outside as well. Especially if your dog’s coat is shorter, consider picking up a cute sweater or jacket from Dog Parents Online. Dog Training Me notes dogs can get chilled just like we can—even indoors sometimes—so an extra layer can keep your pooch more comfortable through the winter months.


The time for pumpkins and trees and holidays is oh-so-close! So make sure you have all that you need to enjoy the fall and winter months with your furry family member. Pick up a few extra treats, maybe some cute outfits and a cozy bed, and you should be all set!

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