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We supply luxury dog items that are sure to impress your friends, family, fellow dog-lovers and cat-lovers. 

Our Mission

 Finding supplies for your furry family member isn't hard to do in this day and age, but it is hard to find quality products. The problem is, big corporations are mass-producing dog supplies. Sure, some of these stores specialize in pet products, but they specialize in all pet products, not just dog and cat products. 

Then, you have the department stores that sell pet products along with groceries, human clothes, car parts, and countless other random things. When these stores start trying to supply pet toys on top of all the other supplies they're selling, they often neglect the research that goes into creating safe pet products, like Durable dog toys and teepee dog beds.

As a result, you end up with shelves full of products that are harmful to dogs! There are countless warnings about many of the toys that are being sold in department stores and pet stores. When these stores are placing revenue over your dog's health, you end up with dangerous and even fatal products that you may purchase without realizing the harm they can cause.

We have a passion for dogs and dogs specifically. Because of this, we wanted to create a brand that focused on dogs and offering quality over quantity when it came to their supplies. We aren't going to sell you bones that are made from rawhide or any toys that can break apart and cause your dog to get a blockage or choke.

Our toys are durable and only made from safe ingredients and our clothes, luxury dog beds and dog harnesses are meant to last for years.

Our History

Opening for business in 2017, we decided it was time to change the game for dog supplies. As dog lovers and owners, we wanted to create a place for people to shop who care as much about their dogs as we do. When we realized that there are other dog parents out there who love to cater to and spoil their four-legged friend, creating a boutique just felt right.

Our two dogs inspired us to take the leap to turn our passion into a business. Sammy, AKA "Runs Like the Wind," is our fiery little golden retriever who showed us that dog beds and toys need to be durable. Especially as puppies, larger dogs will tear through toys and beds in no time. So, we knew we had to create a line of durable and safe pet products for the avid chewers.

Our inspiration for the luxury dog beds, clothes, and dog harnesses comes from our other furry baby, Daisy the Yorkie. Daisy basically runs our house so we knew she needed clothes and accessories to showcase that. Then, there's Elmo. He's the baby of the family and new to the wild ride that is "Dog Parents Online."

Are You Ready to Pamper Your Pup?

For us, dogs are an integral part of the family. They aren't just animals to us, they're like children to us.

Check out our finest selections to find the right style for your dog today!



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