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About us

  About us: My dog children came to me and said they had a great idea.

"Dad, we think it is a good  Idea for us to open a dog store about us." "We think it would be a great idea because you always get us the best items." "And we want all dogs to be as loved as we are."

   I looked around and I saw they pulled all their toys out and saw their food bowls were completely licked clean. I love everything about us.

All their blankets were pulled out, so I agreed with them and started this website. We all work together on it and found that many dog parents want the best for their dog children. A year later we researched and found the very best items for other dog children. Both of my dog children pick and try out the items we want to sell. Their names are Sammy aka Runs like the wind-Golden Retriever and Daisy the Yorkie and that is what we have to say about us. And will continue with our blog.