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About us started October 2016

We’re looking for someone that can fall in love with the underdog. No pun intended. And buy from our humble website for your dog's well fair.

It has been 2 years since this website has started and has gone from zero to sixty in 24 months. We are very happy to serve you and your pets and would love to get a picture of your baby animals.

  My dogs actually did this. I looked around and I saw they pulled all their toys out and saw their food bowls were completely licked clean. I love everything about us.

All their blankets were pulled out, so I agreed on this website. We all work together on it and found that many dog parents want the best for their dog children. A year later we researched and found the very best items for other dog children. Both of my dog children pick and try out the items we want to sell. Their names are Sammy aka Runs like the wind a Golden Retriever and Daisy the Yorkie is the boss of the family:) Just added a new family member Elmo the cutest boy dog you will ever see.:)