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 We know you have a choice in stores to buy your dog products. We like to show you our service is A+. We guarantee to get you a tracking number asap.  Monday through Friday. We are also friendly and my dogs work hard on this site, they test the items. Our aim is to become a leader in global e-commerce related logistics activities focusing on three areas: cross border delivery, domestic delivery, and fulfillment

  Cross border delivery, domestic delivery, and fulfillment are the words used to describe the same thing as getting the dog items into your hands. 

Cross border delivery means to cross the state borders thereby allowing Items to get from one State to another. Domestic delivery is just another way to say buy from your own town businesses. Fulfillment is just another way to say get an object you ordered into your hands or place you want it delivered. It is very important to see why it is one of our most important goals.


My dog's names are Sammy aka Runs like the wind, a Golden Retriever, and Daisy the Yorkie the boss of the family:) Just added a new family member Elmo the cutest boy dog you will ever see.:)



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