Stuffed dog toy Gallatin Grizzly 10 inches World famous toys

  • $15.95

Fat and stuffed dog toy is the Grizzly bear with its'  belly full and a squeaker ready to be played with by your dog. Buy this great toy today, made in the USA! I have included testimony from one of our customers. 

"When I bought the Gallatin Grizzly-- simply dubbed "Bear" in our household--from the Mud Bay where I work, I never thought every other toy would be cast aside and forgotten. Bear is the only toy that my Border collie mix Sydney will have now. The shape is perfect for her to hold in her mouth and whine, and though she is gentle with this one, she has been known to do surgery on her past toys, and I'm confident this one would be durable should she ever decide to turn on Bear. (Not likely.)
At this point, I have a closet full of Bears just in case one gets too dirty from her taking him outside to sit on the stoop with her. You can see their love story at"

A soft dog toy with no risk to you. You are covered with our love it guarantee. Receive a full refund or replacement toy if your dog does not love the West Paw toy.

If you need to use the love it guarantee just email me a picture of your damged dog toy to You can receive eithier a full refund or a replacement toy the choice is yours. Please also send me your telephone number we may have a represetive call you and ask you about your concerns.

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