Warm Dog Sweaters - Warm Dog Sweater Combed Cotton Snowflake And Hearts Dog Sweater - Pink

Warm Dog Sweater Combed Cotton Snowflake Pink

  • $24.99

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Buy now! This new combed cotton warm dog sweater is great for any type of cold weather. 

It is still cold outside and sometimes old bones need the extra warmth this warm dog sweater provides.100% combed cotton dog sweater. 

What is Combed Cotton for warm dog sweater?  

 Warm dog sweater combed cotton is a kind of cotton that has been combed to make the yarn stronger and softer. The combing process also rids the batch of shorter fibers and impurities, which results in a finer, stronger and more compact cotton. Combed cotton is considered higher-quality and softer than cotton that hasn't been combed.

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