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Does My Dog Need a Sweater?

There's hardly anything more precious than a dachshund wearing a cute dog sweater, but that sweater isn't just for fashion. A little puppy can't retain body heat very easily and will need a little help keeping warm in winter weather sweaters like that. A fluffy Alaskan Malamute, on the other hand, is born with the only coat they'll ever need! Of course, most dogs aren't as small as a wiener dog or as warm as a sled dog. You can decide if your dog needs a sweater by considering a few key factors.

Size, Build, and Fur Thickness

Size is one key consideration in deciding if you need to get your pup a warm dog sweater. A larger dog produces more body heat and will cope with cold, wet weather more easily. Don't rush to get a funny dog sweater for your Pomeranian or take your Great Dane running through the snow, though! The dog's build and fur thickness are also essential. A Vizsla and similar dogs that are large, but have short hair and thin legs won't cope well with cold weather. A short-haired, stocky Bullmastiff will handle cold better than a Vizsla but needs a sweater for cold weather all the same. 

The Local Climate

If you have a short-haired dog and live in a location with mild, dry winters, then a thin sweater will be perfect days that are just a bit chilly. You could even knit a homemade dog sweater and it would do the job perfectly. In colder, wetter climates, a layered, fleece dog sweater can be necessary to keep your companion cozy on icy days. Only dogs specifically bred for harsh winters should be left without a coat in freezing weather. If wind or rain are problems where you live, you can buy windproof or waterproof dog sweaters. 

How to Pick the Right Dog Sweater

When it comes to selecting a dog sweater, you need to pick out a suitable size, fabric, gram fill, and denier.

dog measuring chart

Measuring Size

Dog sweaters are measured from the base of the neck down to the tail. It's essential that you measure your dog correctly before choosing their sweater, even if you select one with adjustable straps. 

Selecting Fabric

The choice of fabric is important: a knitted sweater will breathe well and be comfortable. However, it won't be as warm as woolen sweaters from brands such as Chilly Dog Sweater. Ultimately, the choice of fabric depends on your breed of dog and the temperature where you live. 

What is Gram Fill and Denier?

Gram fill is a term that refers to the thickness of a layered sweater: the higher the gram fill, the warmer the coat. Denier refers to how tightly threaded the coat is, which will make it more resistant to ripping and tearing.

Find a Beautiful Dog Sweater

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