Jumbo Bone soft dog bone toy with tons of fun.

  • $19.95
  • Save $4.99

Buy the whole collection. This soft dog bone toy is one of our fantastic collection of soft toys with squeaker.

My lab/shepherd mix loves the bones. She isn't interested in the squeaker, she just wants something to walk around in her mouth. I ordered several toys from West Paw last Christmas, our dogs (the lab/shepherd and standard poodle) love them and they are still like new. They do get dragged around, inside and out, into the woods, etc., they have been put in the washer and dryer and still look like new. I'm very pleased with the bones and all the toys I have bought from West Paw but the best thing is that they are made in the USA!!!

I found a dog toy I was interested in on another website that claimed their toys are all made in the US. I read about the toy and at the bottom of the description was a statement that the toy is made in China but the China company claims that the toy is made to the highest/required USA standards

 I didn't order the toy! I will stay with ordering toys from West Paw because from experience, they have held up to the treatment they get from my dogs and I feel good about giving them something made in the US!! Thanks, West Paw!

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