Big sky best dog blankets by Westpaw these also help keep the fur off of the furniture.

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Buy now! These are great blankets they will keep your dog warm and will complement any dog bed. You can also use the large as a throw on your own bed.

This is a dog blanket it is very comfortable and snuggly it will easily fit on a twin mattress. It helps keep dog hair off your couches. Soft dog blankets for your pets even your cats. All dogs like to have a place or item of their own like this soft dog blanket. It is good for their mental health to have a place to take a break.

This dog blanket you might want to keep it for yourself, but we have various sizes even one that will fit on a twin bed (large). You will love how these will keep the fur off furniture

You will be able to snuggle with your dog child and there is almost nothing better than sleeping with your dog in/with his own dog blanket. Your dog does not like to sleep alone. Some dogs sleep on the human bed, some on their own bed or in a crate, some in the same room as you.

Large 73x56 inches great for human beds

Medium 56" x 38" Great for covering the couch seat

small 27" x 21" Great for covering a chair seat.

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