Dog harnesses and dog harness dresses are choke free.

Love your dog! Here you will find the most exquisite dog apparel designs to show off your great fashion sense.

At a very cute and special dog boutique, you will find dog harnesses and dog harness dresses. Made in the USA Made with the finest materials and the dresses can also be used as a harness. You can even get another harness to wear under the dresses. Machine washable in cold water and lay flat to dry.

Your dog will simply love to show off their fashion sense. They want you to help show off their style and build a collection of different dog harness dresses. We have many very nice dog harnesses for sale.

When you take your dog for a walk you will have choke free walks and not have to worry any longer worry about trachea damage done by collars. The dog harnesses are unisex so both your male dog and female dog can wear them anywhere.