Dog harnesses and dog harness dresses are choke free.

Your dog may have perfect manners when you take them for a walk or go to the vet. Yet, even the most patient pooch can become a handful when distracted by interesting smells and new places. According to the American Kennel Club, a safe dog harness makes it easier to control your dog than a leash.

Benefits of Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses make a great training tool for puppies. Use a harness to prevent your puppy from tangling their leash and getting hurt. Additionally, take advantage of dog harnesses for large and small adult dogs. 

The benefits of dog harnesses include the following:

  • Harnesses provide maximum control on busy streets or in a crowd. 
  • For strong dogs, harnesses offer better control and minimize the strain on your back and arms. 
  • Small dogs have delicate bodies that are prone to injuries if you pull on their leash. However, you can choose a beautiful dog harness that distributes the pressure and protects your little one's neck. 
  • To train your dog to stand or sit on command, use a harness. Dog harnesses pull gently to show your pet what you want without causing pain.

Do you have an escape artist? Harnesses provide a great solution for wiggly dogs that wriggle out of their collars whenever you turn your head.

How to Keep Your Dog from Pulling

Harnesses discourage your dog from pulling and otherwise acting out. On the other hand, while on a leash your dog can continue to pull forward. This makes it difficult for your dog to make the connection between their behavior and your correcting motions. 

Harnesses connect your dog to a leash on the shoulder blades or chest. Pulling forward does not get them very far, discouraging the action. 

Animal rights groups suggest the following in order to train your pet to stop pulling:

  • Vet out local trainers and choose one who uses positive reinforcement to train your dog.
  • Don't use a choke or prong collar. There are better alternatives.
  • A regular or chest-led harness won't pull on your dog's neck, which causes fear and pain. 

Harnesses as Fashion Accessories

If you are among dog owners who love to accessorize their pets, harnesses provide the perfect outlet for your fashion addiction. Choose from a variety of colors and styles that best suit your pet's personality — or yours. Whether you prefer sedate patterns or want a harness with bling, there are many styles to choose from.

Beautiful Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses can keep your dog safe and there are many styles designed to make girly girls and tough guys proud walking down the sidewalk. At Dog Parents Online, you can find harnesses in your pet's favorite designs. We also offer boutique doggie fashion items that help your pet stand out. Check out our site for clothes, odor control spray, blankets and other fun items.